Business Ethics

Publisher : SAGE Publications

Date : 2019-01-24

Page : 520

Authors : -

Description :

An innovative text that aims to deepen students’ knowledge of business ethics through a multidisciplinary approach grounded in moral philosophy, management principles, business history, and economics.

The text aims to help students make ethical decisions, demonstrate integrity in the workplace, and advocate for moral business practices. It also features content on further trends and topics that will help students build a deeper understanding of business ethics:

  • A section on Personal Integrity in the workplace, unpacks ethical dilemmas that face employees in the workplace including conflicts of interest, cheating, whistle blowing, and bribery.
  • A section on Corporate Values and Responsibilities delves into ethical issues related to the financial industry, competition, safety, privacy, and intellectual property.
  • A section on Global Capitalism examines the ethical issues related to culture, justice, the internet, and environmental issues around the world.

All content is supported by 40 contemporary case studies that allow students to grapple with a wide range of moral issues and apply ethical frameworks to a variety of situations at real-world organizations, including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in China, Firestone in Liberia, and the Apple Encryption Controversy.

The book is complemented by online resources for instructors and students, including: Test Bank, PowerPoint slides, an Instructor’s Manual with extensive case notes, Exercises and Activities, Multimedia resources, Quizzes, Flashcards, and SAGE Journal Articles.

Suitable reading for undergraduate students on Business Ethics courses.

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